Welcome to the New "Q"...

...now offering a full Spectrum of structural asset renewal technologies. Over the years, our engineering and contractor customers have been asking for more than simply supplying superior underground infrastructure lining products. We responded by expanding our services and creating three separate divisions to support this demand.

Quadex Repair Materials Division

Quadex Repair Materials (the old Quadex) manufacturers and supplies state-of-the-art structural and protective lining products to the trenchless underground restoration market. For instance, the New Quadex GeoKrete geopolymer is a game changing repair mortar that offers greater corrosion resistance than any calcium aluminate or antimicrobially enhanced Portland cement and is the capstone to our existing line of high performance cement and epoxy lining and pipe renewal products. GeoKrete also offers the genesis for launching our new licensing and contracting division, Quadex Lining Systems.

Quadex Lining Systems Division

Quadex Lining Systems (QLS) delivers full structural pipe lining technology, products and services to the pipe lining industry. QLS enjoys exclusive access to Quadex GeoKrete for pipe lining and can deliver both contracting services or licensing opportunities to GeoKrete and our proprietary pipe lining equipment.

Quadex Repair Systems Division

Quadex Repair Systems (QRS) was established to address critical repairs needed where a complete relining is not required; such as offset joints, longitudinal cracks and leaking lateral connections. Currently, Quadex offers the Pipe Robo Tec inner pipe seal system and Interfit connection seal system.

The new QUADEX. We have a long history of making old Infrastructure new!