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QUADEX Structural Asset Renewal

FLASH ! QUADEX announces strategic expansion! Quadex is transitioning from its proud and leading supplier of coating and lining materials heritage to a full service, turn-key provider of structural asset renewal products, systems, and services. Yes that's a mouthful... but what does it mean?

Our contractor and engineering customers asked for more than what the market was delivering and Quadex listened. We have developed exciting new products and services that offer major performance advantages to the trenchless storm and wastewater rehabilitation industry. Our GeoKrete geopolymer is a game changing repair mortar that offers greater corrosion resistance than any calcium aluminate or antimicrobially enhanced cement. It complements and offers a new capstone to our existing line of high performance materials and pipe repair products. It also offers the genesis for launching a new licensing and contracting division, Quadex Lining Systems, for pipe rehabilitation.

So, stay tuned and check back frequently. The website will continue to evolve and expand during this very exciting time for us.