Wastewater Splitter Boxes are flow diversion structures located at the treatment plant facility which directs the wastewater effluent flow to two or more clarifiers or filter beds. As a result of the ongoing effluent turbulence within the structure, the splitter box structure is commonly exposed to high levels of hydrogen sulfide gas and subsequent H2S corrosion mechanics. The result, over time, is a continual deterioration of the structure which eventually compromises hydraulic performance.

Due the common depth of corrosive attack (often to the reinforcement) and subsequent loss of cross-sectional wall thickness, many of these type structures require the application of a structurally enhanced cementitious profiling application to restore the wall thickness to its original contour. By further employing the Quadex total systems solution approach, an epoxy topcoat application can then be implemented to both protect and prevent against future substrate degradation.

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