1. WATER METER: A Fill-Rite water metering system to insure precise water cement ratio’s during the mixing of the materials.
  2. MORTAR MIXING SYSTEM: A 45-gallon capacity, vertical shaft, horizontal blade mixer for high shearing and expedient mixing of the cementitious materials.
  3. DIESEL ENGINE: A 29 H.P. electric start diesel engine power plant that hydraulically drives all components on the trailer.
  4. AIR COMPRESSOR: A 20 CFM / 90 PSI air compressor and reservoir to provide compressed air for spray atomization of the cementitious materials.
  5. OPERATOR CONTROL CENTER: An ergonomically positioned operator control center with simple lever type variable speed forward and reverse controls for all mixing and pumping components.
  6. WATER TRANSFER PUMP: A 40 PSI hydraulically powered water transfer pump to provide continuous delivery of water to all components.
  7. MATERIAL PUMP: A three stage, progressive cavity, material pump and material holding hopper for use in pumping of the materials to the spray nozzle.
  8. SPRAY NOZZLE / MATERIAL HOSE: A compact design low-velocity cementitious wet spray nozzle that atomizes the mortar material into a spray pattern for application to the manhole walls. Comes complete with a 25-foot section of 1-inch rout hose with accompanying 3/8-inch airline for use in material delivery to the nozzle.
  9. PRESSURE WASHER: An optional 3500-PSI portable pressure washer for use in manhole surface preparation and equipment clean-up.
  10. TRAILER: A heavy-duty dual axle trailer with twin 7,500 lb. rated axles. A 250-gallon poly-lined water tank engineered within the framework of the trailer to provide a low center of gravity for handling safety.


SprayMaster System The use of the SprayMaster unit can be complimented with the addition of the robotic SpinMaster centrifugal manhole lining system. The robotic apparatus allows for centrifugal spin application of the cementitious manhole liner material without man-entry into the manhole during the material application phase. The SpinMaster System is highly effective in deep ranging manholes.