Site Preparation

For the best results with Quadex products, thoroughly clean floor and interior walls of the manhole of all foreign materials including dirt, grit, roots, grease, sludge and all other debris attached to the walls or bottom of manhole. High pressure water blasting with a minimum of 3500 psi is recommended to free all foreign material within the structure. If necessary, use an abrasive sand blast or sand-assisted water blast to clear all debris from original substrate. When grease and oil are found in the manhole, an approved detergent or muriatic acid can be used with the high pressure water blast. Remove all loose or defective brick, grout, steps, protruding ledges and any other loose debris in order to provide an even surface for cement based coating application. To prevent the possible blockage of the flow throughout the system, place and invert board over the manhole’s flow channel.

Invert, Repair, Patching & Leak Stoppage

When an invert is repaired in conjunction with new pipe liners, all new pipe liners must protrude beyond the interior of pipe entry for a minimum of two-inches in order to allow the Hyperform patching materials enough surface area with which to bond. Stop flow by using a flow through plug with flex hose into stream pipe if necessary. Coat the invert channel with 1/4 inch Hyperform to build up elevations of new liner pipes to form a smooth flow channel. Use Hyperform to patch large voids or holes before installing the monolithic liner. When active infiltration is present in a structure, apply Quad-Plug in dry powder form with a gloved hand. Place the powder directly over the active infiltration and apply pressure to stop small to moderate leaks.

Mixing & Pumping Cementitious Lining Material

Mix material in a batch-style mixer, where water is metered in so the final product’s water-to-cement ratio is correct. Do not mix more than three bags of cementitious lining material at one time in the batch mixer. Drop material into the pump hopper and tamp down to keep a consistent flow of material to rotor stator pump. Pump material to the end of the grout hose connected to either the Manual Spray Nozzle or SpinMaster.

Applying Material with Quadex Manual Spray Nozzle

For best results when applying cementitious liner with Quadex Manual Spray Nozzle, hold nozzle no more than four (4) to six (6) inches away from original host substrate. During the rehabilitation of a manhole, begin the lining process from the bottom of the manhole and work upward to the top. Spray the manhole in one-third sections, creating a pattern of consistency while monitoring thickness of application.

Applying Material with Quadex Spinmaster

Place SpinMaster onto a winch mounted on a tripod. Lower SpinMaster to the bottom of the structure and tape off power cord as a depth gauge to eliminate SpinMaster from hitting the bottom of the work area. Once SpinMaster is lowered, turn on the power and begin pumping material. Run SpinMaster up and down structure at a consistent pace, maintaining a smooth and consistent monolithic liner.

Finishing of Structure

Trowel structure to a smooth surface, free of ridges and lumps. Brush with a semi-hard bristled masonry brush removing trowel marks, bug holes or other imperfections in the liner. After completing the installation of liner, place a minimum of four (4) mil plastic sheeting between the frame and cover assembly in order to create a more humid environment for curing the liner.