Quadex GeoKrete is the industry’s most advanced geopolymer repair mortar, offering the rehab industry’s leading corrosion resistance and physical properties. GeoKrete is sustainable and enjoys a low carbon footprint as it is comprised mostly of recycled materials which significantly reduces harmful greenhouse gases typically created in the production of Portland or calcium aluminant based products.

Geokrete is a factory blended, fiber reinforced, cementitious like material synthesized from pozzolanic materials of industrial byproducts, enhanced with a monocrystalline quartz aggregate. GeoKrete is specifically designed to provide extraordinary corrosion resistant protection in high hydrogen sulfide environments, add structural integrity and stop the infiltration of groundwater. Unlike cementitious liners, which hydrate to harden, the reaction mechanism in GeoKrete is polymerization which yields superior strength and chemical resistance. GeoKrete exhibits less than <1% mass loss when submerged in a sulfuric acid bath with a pH of 1.0 over an 8-week test. It can be applied in one pass up to three inches thick on vertical surfaces by low pressure spraying or centrifugal spinning.

Recommended For

Vertical and overhead repairs to metal, concrete or masonry sewer structures such as manholes, wetwells, pipe and treatment plant structures where microbiologically induced corrosion (h1S) is a problem.

Features and Benefits

  • Quality controlled one-component blend for uniform results.
  • High early and ultimate compressive, flexural and bond strengths.
  • Resistant to acid attack in wastewater streams with pH as low as 1.0 and temperature as high as 170 degrees F for industrial effluent
  • Low permeability.

Typical Performance Data

Compressive Strength PSI (ASTM C109)
28-days >8,000
Flexural Strength PSI (ASTM C293)
28-days >750
Bond Strength PSI (ASTM C882 Modified)
28-days >2000
Chemical Resistance (ASTM C267)
<1.0% mass loss in 8 week immersion
Permeability (ASTM 1202)
28-days <350 Coulombs
Split Tensile Strength PSI (ASTM C496)
28-days >800


GeoKrete is supplied in 60 lb. (27 kg.) poly-lined bags.


One 60-lb. bag of GeoKrete will yield approximately .54 cu. ft. and will cover 12.5 sq. ft. at a 1/2 inch thickness.


Prepare surface to be patched by removing unsound concrete, dirt, dust, oil and other debris using high pressure (3500 PSI) water blasting. Air blast excess water with an oil free air compressor. This will provide a clean, damp surface to allow for a good bond.

Use approximately 0.6 to 0.7 gallons of potable water per 60 lb. bag of GeoKrete. First add water to mixer, start mixer to mixing and add GeoKrete until mortar is completely mixed.

Apply GeoKrete by low pressure spraying or spinning on vertical or overhead surfaces to a monolithic thickness of 1/2 to 3 inches. Trowel to smooth surface ideally.


Cure in accordance with current ACI recommendations. Use a two coat application of a manufacturer approved water based curing compound unless the humidity is greater than 80% in the structure.


Quadex warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Quadex will replace any product proved to be defective when applied in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Quadex’sobligation shall be limited solely to such replacement. There are no other warranties by Quadex expressed or implied.


Avoid eye contact or prolonged contact with skin. Wash thoroughly after use. Persons using Quadex GeoKrete should wear necessary eye protection, dusk mask and rubber gloves. Read all product labels and technical literature.