Manhole Restoration

Pipe Rehab – QLS & Gunite

The Quadex Lining Systems process restores metal and concrete pipes & tunnels of all types and shapes via Quadex’s proprietary Spin Cast Geopolymer Pipe (SCGP) process. Supplementary application methods include the wet gunite process. QLS Licensed Applicators can structurally rehabilitate severely deteriorated man entry concrete, brick, or corrugated metal storm and sewer pipes of all shapes, types and conditions, including elliptical and arched pipes. The QLS process applies GeoKrete, the industry’s most advanced geopolymer with the industry’s leading corrosion resistant restoration mortar. GeoKrete may qualify for LEED credits as it is composed of mostly recycled (sustainable) materials yet offers the rehab industry’s leading corrosion resistant and physical properties.


CCCP Pipelining

Treatment Plant